Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events are listed on this page while events that have ended can be shown on the Past Events page.

Sunday Morning Classes

We offer a variety of classes on Sunday mornings. Cradle Roll (Infants) Pre-School Kindergarten – 4th Grade 4th – 8th Grade Youth Group (9th – 12th Grade) Spanish/Bi-Lingual Adult Class Two English Adult Classes

Monthly Potluck

We have a potluck lunch once a month. Members are invited to bring a main dish and a dessert to share. We would like to invite our visitors to stay for lunch and get to know us.

Men’s Business Meeting

On the first Sunday of every month the business of the church is conducted in a men’s meeting. Reports are provided on the various ministries, building and grounds projects are discussed, as well as any other special business that needs to be conducted. We welcome all men of the congregation to attend and take part in this meeting.

Home Bible Study – Amick’s

The Amick’s host a small weekly Bible study in their home. The alternate between Old and New Testament books, reading the text and discussing the context, what it meant to the original audience, and what applications there are in our lives today.

Men’s Bible Study

The men’s Bible study is an opportunity to dive into God’s Word and discuss how we can apply that to our lives as men and leaders.