Bible Classes

Classes are broken up by the age groups below:

  • Babies: 0-2 years old
  • Preschool: 2 years old – preschool
  • Kindergarten – 2nd grade
  • 3rd grade – 6th grade
  • 7th grade – high school

*All classes are offered at all meeting times.  Curriculum for 2 years old – 6th grade includes Baker’s Bible Study.  Curriculum for 3rd Grade – High School includes the Leadership Training for Christ program.

Youth Group

Monday Night Devotionals: Every Monday night, the teenagers (7th – 12th Grades) get together usually from 6:30PM – 8PM.  The devotionals include snacks, activities, and a Bible Study.  Interested in finding out when these take place? Sign up for our Remind Group.

Youth Rallies: Throughout the year, we hit the road nearly a dozen times going all over Nebraska to attend youth rally weekends.  The purpose of these weekend events are to grow in knowledge and nearness to God, rekindle spiritual bonds from teenagers from other churches throughout the state, and learn valuable leadership skills.  When do these events occur?  Take a look at our calendar to see when youth rallies are coming up!

Nebraska Youth Camp: Every summer, many of our youth attend Nebraska Youth Camp in Kearney, NE.  Nebraska Youth Camp is a tremendous opportunity for our youth to grow in their faith.  Check the camp website for the camp dates.  One of our ministers, Adam Brock, is a board member of Nebraska Youth Camp.

To learn more about what the youth are up to or with any questions contact Adam Brock at
Phone: 816-956-1070    email:    Facebook     Instagram    Youth Blog